Mitch Owen

Dr. Mitchell (Mitch) B. Owen is the Chief Operating Officer of Mitchen Incorporate, an innovative training and organizational development company celebrating over thirty years of service to its clients. Dr. Owen has also served as the Deputy Director for Performance and Organization Development with the North Carolina Department of Public Safety and as the Director of Personal and Organizational Development at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, N.C., USA.

Dr. Owen is the creator of the Elusive LeadershipTM model for high performance team development and the Mitchen Organization Re-Envisioning SystemTM. Dr. Owen’s expertise and reputation has enabled him to work with a wide variety of groups, including universities, public agencies, non-profits, as well as business and industry. Most recently, facilitating strategic change efforts at University of Hawaii, University of Connecticut, University of Maryland, University of Kentucky, University of Georgia, University of Tennessee, The Ohio State University and for the National Association of University Forest Resource Programs. Dr.
Owen has also worked with Volvo Car Finance, BioGen, HardCo, N.B. Handy, Sassool, and other companies.

Dr. Owen completed his Doctorate of Education at North Carolina State University in Adult Education and Development while focusing his research on technology adoption and the psychology change management. He is internationally respected as a leader in programs on leadership, performance, strategic positioning, facilitation, organizational development, branding, technology, cultural agility, collaboration, and organizational change.