Michelle Stidwell

Michelle Stidwell has over 30 years of broad business experience consulting to human resources, manufacturing, operations, and retail functions as well as in-depth expertise in sales, talent selection, learning and development, coaching, and facilitation.  She has served as a catalyst for individual and team growth, coaching in areas of interpersonal communication, performance management, leadership development, change management, and diversity/inclusion strategies for many global teams.

Ms. Stidwell has spent over 20 years working as a champion of diversity and inclusion and while working at a Fortune 500 Global CPG organization she guided the successful creation, structure, and leadership of two Business Resource Groups with critical support and champions from the C-Suite to Director Levels. This required coaching of Leadership to appropriately support and engage in a comprehensive strategic plan which transformed recruiting, retention, and development strategies.

Michelle Stidwell is a consultant, speaker, and seminar leader that works with individuals, teams, and leaders to improve their individual and collective job performance.  At another Fortune 500 CPG organization, VPs of Sales and Manufacturing teams struggled with team cohesion.  Ms. Stidwell worked with Leadership to conduct critical role analysis, and to create a robust competency model that improved the annual talent assessment process. As a Certified Profilor, she facilitated 360 Feedback Sessions for all emerging leaders to drive career-changing personal development plans.  Ms. Stidwell was awarded the Corporate “Values” Award for introducing many successful programs that maximized and improved team interactions.

Ms. Stidwell is a sought-after facilitator because she believes in a delivery that is personable, engaging, and focused on behavioral outcomes that deliver strategic results.  As a performance consultant, she partners with organizations to identify business priorities and translates them into competencies, knowledge, behaviors and experiential learning opportunities which drive individuals to succeed at a higher level.

Ms. Stidwell earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Rhetoric and Communication Studies from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA.  She is a Master Certified Participant-Centered Facilitator with The Bob Pike Group, a Certified Human Behavior Specialist with Personality Insights, Inc., and a Certified Facilitator of BlueEQ™ Leading with Emotional Intelligence Assessments and Workshops.