Emily Elrod

Her clients describe Emily Elrod as energetic, a doer, and wise beyond her years.

But if you ask her, she is just a lover of humanity, as she will gladly nerd out with you on all the ways people move from stressed to strategic to perform optimally.

She gained this love from her personal and professional experiences. She was a lead ergonomic engineer who loved people more than machines. She was (and still is) an award-winning health strategist who despised how programs were creating human workers and not human beings…even when the focus was on health and safety.

These experiences showed her the impact of stress and how it can cut off innovation and growth. With the motivation to help the stressed, she started a company called Workzbe to bring accountability, connection, and results to high-demanding environments.

Today, she and her team facilitate WISE strategies for companies of all sizes and in various industries, including Fortune 500’s, healthcare, and professional athletics.