David McClaskey

For the last 23 years, David has served as President of the McClaskey Excellence Institute (formerly Pal’s Business Excellence Institute) where he teaches companies a proven path to go from ordinary to extraordinary operations. He has 50 years of experience as an executive trainer, coach, consultant, conference presenter, and Baldrige expert during which time he has trained over 15,000 leaders from all over the world in operations excellence, performance excellence or using Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria.

David has been heavily involved in the Baldrige program since its inception. He developed and delivered training for the first group of Examiners in 1988 and co-developed the original Organizational Profile (with Dr. Curt Reimann) in 1989. He also served as a Baldrige Judge from 1999 – 2001. David has been the primary Baldrige consultant for 7 companies–including Pal’s Sudden Service, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company (twice); and K&N Management–resulting in 8 National Baldrige Awards.

David is a fellow of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers and has received many awards and recognitions, including ASQ’s Lifetime Distinguished Service Award and TNCPE’s McWherter Leadership Award. In recognition of David’s accomplishments, Kingsport, TN, named May 4th David McClaskey day.