Opening Keynote – There is “Me” in Team… The Role of Self-Determination in a Culture of Quality

The success of any organization—regardless of domain and/or setting—is largely reliant on the level of functioning among the people it comprises. As a result, the importance of creating an effective organizational culture cannot be overstated. While this culture requires thoughtful consideration of various interpersonal dynamics, it is important to also consider the intrapersonal psychological needs of the organization’s individual members. More specifically, it is ultimately the degree to which people perceive a sense of self-determination in their engagement that not only determines how effectively they can cope with challenges and how close to their best they can perform, but also if they are able to experience well-being in the process. This keynote—along with the subsequent workshop—will provide attendees with a theoretical and evidence-based understanding of self-determination and its role in creating a culture of quality. In addition, attendees will learn practical implications that will equip them with the necessary knowledge to foster a sense of self-determination among the members of their own organizations.



Date & Time:

Mar 02, 8:15 am - 9:15 am

Room Assignment:

Meridian A/B


Dr. Johannes Raabe

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