C2: Tapping into Empathy to Transform Strategy into Action

Strategic Planning is a company’s most important, and likely most expensive, process. After days of planning, many organizations leave a planning retreat with beautiful, detailed strategic documents. But as we return to the swing of daily routine, some plans are rolled up and placed in a dark corner, never to be seen again. Other plans drive action but only on the senior leader level, causing different goals and perspectives as we move forward in our initiatives. The age-old question stands: How do we motivate our workforce to understand and act on our strategic plans?  

Listerhill Credit Union found the answer lies within a model that focuses less on the process and more on the people. After all – how successful is a process without a workforce to follow it? Join us as we introduce you to a model that plugs empathy into the process of strategic planning, threatening to transform your culture forever. 


Date & Time:

Mar 02, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Room Assignment:

Meridian C/D


Abigail Gaddy

Heath Butler

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