C2 | How to Meet and Exceed Key Customer Requirements

Learn a process and the one main thing you need to do to meet and exceed key customer requirements from the leader who trained the original Board of Examiners for the National Baldrige Award Program and co-created the Organizational Profile! This high-level process is so practical that you can start implementing it your next day on the job.

Consistently meeting your key customer requirements is at the very heart of your company’s mission, the Baldrige Award itself, and Category 3 (Customers). The practical knowledge you will take away from this session are:

  • A systematic and practical high-level process to meet and exceed your key customer requirements that will score points with your customers as well as with Baldrige
  • How to develop and use your key customer requirements (come away with a draft if you do not already have them)
  • The one main thing you need to do to meet your key customer requirements
  • A practical measure for assessing how well you are meeting your key customer requirements
  • How key customer requirements are a cross cutting theme that connects/integrates the Organizational Profile, Cat. 3 (Customers), and Items 7.2 (Customer Results), as well as many other parts of the Baldrige Criteria

Date & Time:

Feb 29, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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David McClaskey

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