B1 | Effective Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action (RCA/CA)

Too often a problem we think has been solved shows up again. Most often this is because an effective root cause analysis was not done and/or effective corrective action has not been taken.

Prior to consulting, the presenters spent their careers as executives leading corporate quality organizations across a variety of industries.  They have also helped clients conduct more effective root cause analysis to not only reduce defects but to eliminate them, improving productivity and efficiency, but more importantly, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

This workshop uses a combination of presentation, examples, discussion, and real-life case studies to:

  • Review various approaches to conducting root cause analysis
  • Engage employees in the analysis and corrective action
  • Determine the most likely cause(s) and how to eliminate them
  • Use real-life case studies to practice using new tools


Date & Time:

Mar 01, 8:15 am - 11:45 am

Room Assignment:

Meridian B


Kay Kendall

Glenn Bodinson

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