W-C2 | Application Coaching: Customers and Workforce

Building on the morning’s Organizational Profile session, join two of TNCPE’s favorite master examiners as they coach you through the Customer and Workforce categories of the Baldrige Framework. Those who know Baldrige well agree that engagement is at the core of ensuring a resilient and sustainable organization! Spend a concentrated 3.5 hours updating your approaches and application as you consider:

  • The processes you have to engage your workforce and customers
  • How you ensure all of the relevant workforce and customers are part of those processes
  • How those processes have changed and been innovated over time
  • Where the integration points are for these processes within the organization

Organizations who send at least three participants will be assigned a coach to help them write or update sections of their TNCPE application during the workshop.


Date & Time:

Feb 28, 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Room Assignment:



Leslie Blevins

Craig Green

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