A1: The Inclusive Coaching Approach: 9 Imperatives to Maximize Potential

A 2017 meta-analysis of nearly 500 implicit bias studies found that attempts to correct underlying biases rarely result in long-term behavioral changes. Leaders who attend implicit bias training sessions tend to leave with a heightened understanding that biases exist and yet they often lack the tools to take sustained corrective action. Lacking any concrete action items, leaders tend to revert to the status quo.

When combined with other DEI efforts, coaching is a powerful and effective method to maximize the Enterprise Contribution of underrepresented employees who often experience unique challenges in the workplace. These unique challenges along with a perceived lack of support can negatively impact their emotional well-being and overall disposition. This can increase costs to the organization by placing them at risk for disengagement and heightening their flight risk. The Gallop organization estimates the total cost of disengaged employees in the US at $450 – $500 billion each year while business units with engaged workers have 23% higher profits.

In this session, we will describe 9 imperatives to maximize the potential and contributions of your diverse work teams through an Inclusive Coaching Approach. Inclusive Coaching is a vital skill set to embed as part of your performance management processes.


Date & Time:

Mar 02, 9:30 am - 10:30 am

Room Assignment:

Meridian A/B


Michelle Stidwell

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