A1 | Cultivate & GROW: 12 “Seeds” to Cultivate and Grow Your CQ!

What is the number one predictor of success in today’s diverse workplace?  Many of us may be familiar with the Carnegie Institute of Technology’s research that found that 15% of our individual success was due to our technical ability while 85% of our professional success relied on our “human engineering”, personality, and ability to communicate, negotiate and lead.  And yet how many of us know our CQ or Cultural Quotient?

In this session, we will explore the four dimensions of Cultural Intelligence as a core capability to foster an engaged and high-performing organizational culture.  Leaders with high CQ and a high degree of cultural competency are able to:

  • Examine and assess current best practices
  • Develop metrics to measure opportunities and success
  • Promote equity and inclusion
  • Disrupt behaviors that are less than inclusive

You will leave this workshop with 12 “Seeds” (or strategies) to grow your Cultural Quotient (CQ) and thus create an environment in which all employees can grow and succeed.



Date & Time:

Mar 01, 8:15 am - 11:45 am

Room Assignment:

Meridian A


Michelle Stidwell

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